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Corporate Maintenance helps federal and provincial corporations prepare their corporate documentation and effectively maintain their corporate records. You need not have incorporated with us to have our help in maintaining your corporation. Good corporate maintenance means keeping proper minutes of shareholders and directors meetings and documenting the authority for major corporate actions. Our technology allows you to effectively and easily maintain your corporate records by streamlining your corporate record preparation, saving you time and money.    

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Corporation Centre is Canada's leading online business registration, business incorporation, and corporate services portal. Our sophisticated website makes it easy to take charge of your business registrations, while our helpful specialists -- with 10 years of experience serving Canadian businesses -- are available to support you either online or by phone.

Each year Corporation Centre helps thousands of Canadian owners and managers to formally register, manage, and grow their businesses from the convenience of their office.

We are Canada’s #1 provider of online business registration, trademark, corporate filing, and naming services.
Throughout 15 years of service, we’ve been saving Canadian businesses money.
Corporation Centre has helped over 100,000 Canadians start or run their business with their filing needs.