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Get your money back for your NUANS report when ordering a business registration or incorporation within 48 hours of your NUANS order.

A business name search report is required to determine the availability of a business or corporation name to make sure that no one else has already registered the name you would like to use for your business. The report provides results searching the relevant government databases or registries listing any similar or possibly confusing existing corporation names, business names and trademarks.

Government Databases

In Canada, there are 2 different kinds of reports: a NUANS* report; and a provincial name report.

The NUANS database reports provide name searches for the following jurisdictions: Canada (Federal); Ontario; Alberta; New Brunswick; Nova Scotia; and Prince Edward Island.

For all the other provinces (B.C., Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland & Labrador), they each require a name search report from their respective provincial database and registry and NOT from the NUANS name database. offers you the ability to obtain corporate name search reports for all jurisdictions in Canada. Please note the respective time-frame when making your decision.

What is NUANS®?

It is an advanced search system that searches corporate and business registries across Canada, with over 8,000,000 records of corporation names, business names and trademarks.

In order for you to register or incorporate your business, a “NUANS Report” is required by the Federal & most provincial governments. This NUANS Report is used to determine the availability of a corporate/business name by searching the NUANS database and listing any similar or possibly confusing existing corporation names, business names and trademarks. In other words, you need to make sure that no one else has already registered the corporate or business name, or trademark you would like to use for your business.

NUANS reports are valid for 90 days from their date of submission. There are different types of NUANS reports, geared towards different jurisdictions (i.e. provinces) or Canada. NUANS reports for incorporations must be for the relevant jurisdiction (Federal or desired province) and must be a “reservation” type report

* NUANS is a registered trademark owned by Industry Canada. CGI administers the NUANS system under a licensing agreement with Industry Canada.

** Subject to NUANS database availability, scheduled maintenance and service blackouts.

NUANS Preliminary Searches

To avoid performing repeated reports (which can be expensive), a preliminary real-time “pre-search” of the NUANS database is available. To order NUANS pre-searches, please click here.

Get your corporate name search report with today!

Jurisdiction Type of Report Cost Delivery
Federal NUANS $25 2 hours
Federal – expedired NUANS $35 10 minutes
Alberta NUANS $25 2 hours
British Columbia Provincial $60 48 hours
Manitoba Provincial $60 48 hours
Newfoundland Provincial $80 5 business days
New Brunswick NUANS $25 2 hours
Nova Scotia Provincial $70 5 business days
Ontario NUANS $25 2 hours
P.E.I NUANS $25 2 hours
Quebec Provincial $70 5 business days
Saskatchewan Provincial $80 3 business days*

* Please be advised that the current government delay to obtain a name decision for Saskatchewan is approximately 15 business days. This delay is in addition to the processing times for incorporations and business name registrations.

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